Taken (2008) Pursuit At The Development Website (Soundtrack OST)

Composed by Nathaniel Mechaly

01. Opening
02. Change (Carried out By Pleasure Denalane Feat. Lupe Fiasco)
03. Permission To Go To Paris
04. To The Airport
05. The Live performance
06. There’s Anyone Right here
07. Pursuit At Roissy
08. On The Rooftop
09. 96 Hours
10. The Development Website
11. Pursuit At The Development Website
12. Saving Amanda
13. Escape From St. Clair
14. Tick Tick Increase (Carried out By The Hives)
15. Resort Camelia
16. The Public sale
17. Pursuit By The Seine
18. On The Boat
19. The Final Struggle
20. The Dragster Wave (Carried out By Ghinzu)

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